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Minor De:tales Blog Post

Check out the awesome results of a photo shoot Minor De:tales did with our Making Tracks Hoodie, Lucky You Jean, Electromagnetic Tee and Paint Ball Beanie.


"D wears: Making Tracks zip hoodie by Alphabet Soup / Lucky You Jean by Alphabet Soup / Electromagnetic LS raglan tee by Alphabet Soup / Paint ball beanie by Alphabet Soup / Shoes by Native.

There is a lot going on over here with our house move, but you still have to have a break every now and then... The other night we had such a lovely evening with a nice sun set and the kids ran off some extra energy on the boardwalk. We brought the skateboards and it was so nice to just roll around and watch people down there. Everybody is enjoying the sun we have had lately and its nice to have it warm you up in the cool evening air.

D got to try out his cool outfit from Alphabet Soup. He loves his soundwave hoodie which is such a cool invention, it has built-in headphones (featuring HB3 technology). Yes you read that right- headphones in the hood! So you simply connect your music device to the music cord in the zip up pocket and out comes music into the hood... Best thing is, its also machine washable so there is no worrying about not being able to wash it.  So now there is no excuse not to bring the music with him and I feel better about him taking his music with him since he can still hear what is going on around him.

If you haven't heard about Alphabet Soup and you got boys at home, you should definitely check it out. The Melbourne based streetwear label has a big dose of cool to put in the boys wardrobe and they takes direct influence from music, action sports and popular street culture. The range is an eclectic product mix with one thing in common - boys of all ages will want to wear it!"

Such great shots from a very talented photographer!

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We recommend following this awesome blog, always packed with such great inspiration and ideas, plus stunning photography.