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#teamAS- Interview with Hunter Wilkinson!

Here's another of our talented friends - Hunter Wilkinson! We had a chat with our friend and upcoming talent Hunter about his favourite sport: BMX!

Read more about Hunter below, what an inspiring kid!

How old are you Hunter?
I'm 5 years old (I turned 5 in June )

Where do you live?
I live in New Plymouth, New Zealand

When did you start BMXing?
I started BMX when I was 2 years old on a balance bike, then moved onto my 12 inch at 2 and a half. I got my first proper BMX race bike aged 3 and have never looked back, I'm addicted to anything with wheels.

Do you prefer the mountain or the park?
Oh that's a hard one, I'm training to compete at the North Island champs in October at the moment so the BMX track is where I'm spending alot of my spare time. New Plymouth just got a world class track built so it's heaps of fun. But on the weekends my mum likes to run mountain tracks so I love to go along with her and practice my jumps, or along the waterfront which has a walkway I can get some speed up on and parks for me to stop off at with ocean views.

Do you have a favourite mountain or park?
The Shark Tank is my favourite by far (New Plymouth BMX club) it has a huge start ramp which is super quick to ride down and an awesome straight for pumping on, Cambridge would be my next favourite when we travel away for competitions.

What's your favourite trick/move?
My fav at the moment is the bunny hop (front and back wheels off the ground at the same time ) but I'm learning to jump the jumps at the track at the moment, I can't wait to have it mastered as it looks like so much fun !

Who's your favourite professional rider?
Matt Cameron for sure, I'm lucky enough to be able to train with him this December. I hope to go to the olympics one day and win a gold

What's your favourite bit of Alphabet Soup gear?
I love anything Alphabet Soup as they always do a BMX theme, this summer I can't wait to wearing the snake run short, when I saw them mum said they were designed for me 😃 previous seasons I've loved the Dirt King Hoodie, Epic Jeans, Snake Run Tee, the list could go on!

Here's a bit more about Hunter from his mum
Hunter was born with heart condition and spent lots of time In hospital, which makes it even more amazing he's such a pro at BMX racing: Hunter was first in his age group 5 and under this season for our club!

Hunter says: "In BMX season we travel away around every second weekend to competitions, I love getting to see so much of New Zealand while doing the sport I love, I'm hoping to travel to Australia in a few years to compete."

Hunter also does Rugby, Basketball, touch Rugby and surf club, but BMX will always be his fav.