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#teamAS- Interview with Rene G!

 We have a lot of very talented friends here at Alphabet Soup! We had a chat with our friend and upcoming talent Rene G about his favourite things: skateboarding and snowboarding! Under the watchful eye of his step-dad Pete Long, legendary snowboarder, coach and founder of Modest. , he is fast becoming a superstar.

Read more about Rene below, and check out the awesome viedeo of his sic moves!

How old are you Rene?
I turned 7 in February, I'm in year 2 at school.

Where do you live?
Sydney on the Northern Beaches. I spend a lot of time in the mountains too. My school has been really supportive.

When did you start skating/snowboarding?
I started when I was 3, Pete (my step-dad) taught me to do both. I started dropping in ramps when I was 4, and riding the mountain by myself then too. Pete is really good at both. He takes me to lots of fun places.

Do you prefer the snow or the skate park?
I like the snow the best, we get to go on lots of holidays. I like surfing too we live near the beach. When I'm skateboarding I like to ride vert, I dropped into a 10ft ramp when I was 6. I also really like riding bowls.

Do you have a favourite mountain or skatepark?
In Australia
Snow - Perisher Terrain Park they have jumps, rails, boxes and the pipe!
Pipe is like riding a ramp.
Skate - Monster Skate Park (Homebush) it's a mega ramp the biggest in Australia.
In America
Snow - Northstar (Tahoe), it's much bigger than our park. I like hiking, and building our own jumps.
Skate - Woodward :) (Tahoe) it's an indoor skate park, with trampolines and foam pits to practice tricks.

What's your favourite trick/move?
Frontside board slides on my snowboard. You do them on the box.
When there is pow, I like to jump of little cliffs when we go on adventures.

Who's your favourite skateboarder/snowboarder?
Pete Long (my dad), and my friend Jye Kearney. I get to ride with the big dogs, they help me with tricks.

What's your favourite bit of Alphabet Soup gear?
My black bandits long sleeve t-shirt I wear it all the time riding. And my beanie, thanks for the support Alphabet Soup!


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