Q: What is your age/Where are you from? 
A: My name is Bowie, I am 5 years old and I live in Palm Beach, Gold Coast Australia.

Q: How long have you been surfing/skating?
A: I have been skating for about a year and a half and surfing for almost 1 year.

Q: What is it about skating/surfing that made you want to try it out?
A: I wanted to learn to skate because it looked like so much fun and I loved watching all the cool tricks the boys at the skate park could do. I love the beach and wanted to learn how to stand up and ride a wave!

Q: Tell us a bit about your siblings, do they skate too?
A: My sisters name is Elke, she is 8 and she loves to skate and surf too! My little brother is Ziggy Boy, he is 2! He's really keen to get his own board soon and start the micro groms skate class, I can't wait till he grows up so I can skate with him.

Q: Do you have any exciting plans for this summer?
A: I want to do the Skate Tour again and we have some trips planned in our Caravan to my favourite places like Rainbow Beach and Yamba.

Q: Do you have any skate/surf goals for this summer?
A: I really want to learn how to grind rails on my skateboard and drop the 13.5 ft Vert Ramp. And this summer I want to get better at surfing and ride some bigger green waves.

Q: What's your favourite Alphabet Soup clothing from this summer collection?
A:The Pool riders T-shirt & Cap, all the long socks and boardies!


Q: Who's your biggest influence (at your local skate park/ surf break / life)?
A: Jesse Noonan, he is my skate coach! He is the best skater and he is really nice to me.

Q: If you could ride with any pro for one day which one would you choose?
A: Jesse Noonan - he does the best tricks ever and he would buy me a slurpee!!

A: Rock N Slide is my skate club - it's all about having fun, making friends and of course learning to skate and do cool tricks.
Q: Describe a perfect summers day?
Surf, Skate & Pool and Ice-cream!

Q: What would you want to be doing in 10 years from now?
A: Bowie really thinks about this! "I would be a teenager - WOW!! I would really love to have a surf rack on my BMX and ride to the beach with my mates. And I want to be shredding on my skateboard!


Bowie wears 
Nevermind Tee / Phantom Jogg Jean shorts
Flaming Socks / Pool Riders Cap

To follow Bowie and his shredding adventures go to @bowie.fisher on instagram.
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