Spotlight on our A/S team rider: Meet Ryder

Q: What is your age/Where are you from? 

A: My name is Ryder Martin and I'm 8 years old, from Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia.

Q: How long have you been surfing/skating?
A: I started surfing and skating on my own and when i was 5, but surfed on the front of my Dad's board since I was really little.

Q: Magic Board dimensions/set up?
A: At the moment I'm riding a 4'8 Parsons board from Burleigh Heads, it's so good.

Q: Why do you like riding for Alphabet soup?

A: Because the clothes are super comfy to surf and skate in and they look sick as well!

Q: Who’s your biggest influence? (at your local skate park/surf break/life)
A: I love Julian Wilson, he has the best surfing style. He grew up just around the corner from me and he is super nice to all the local groms.

Q: If you could ride with any pro for one day which one would you choose?
A: Definitely John Florence. He's so good in big and small waves and does massive airs.

Q: Do you have any skate/surf goals for this summer?
A: For surfing I want to nail my airs and travel to more surf spots with my family. For skating I want to learn more technical tricks in the bowl.

Q: What scares you the most?

A:  I absolutely hate doing speeches in front of crowds.

Q: Three things you’d take to a deserted island?
A: Surfboard, food and sunblock and I'll be happy.

Q: What do you want to be doing 10 Years from now?
A: Still surfing and skating and doing what I'm doing now with my family and friends. Loving life and having fun.

To follow Ryder and his adventures
go to @rydermartin09 on instagram.

Photography by @jeffperren

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