Meet Jonah AS

Q: What is your age/Where are you from? 
A: My name is Jonah Powers and I'm 11
 years old, from Melbourne, Australia.

Q: How long have you been surfing/skating?
A: I've been skating for about two years.

Q: Magic Board dimensions/set up?
A: Bones Swiss ceramics bearings, Independent Jason Jesse black halloween trucks, Spitfire wheels size 53, Thrasher grip, Nuts'n bolts Sunday bolts and Death wish king of the road board size 8.

Meet Jonah

Q: Why do you like riding for Alphabet soup?
A: Because they're nice and fun.

Q: Who’s your biggest influence? (at your local skate park/surf break/life)
A: All the skaters who've helped me from Street Machine, Emy, Charlie and their friend Jaxx.

Q: If you could ride with any pro for one day which one would you choose?
A: Bam Margera.

Q: Do you have any skate/surf goals for this summer?
A: I want to be able to do a varial flip.

Meet Jonah

Q: What scares you the most?
A: A Tsunami.

Q: Three things you’d take to a deserted island?
A: Food, water, a knife and my skateboard.

Q: What do you want to be doing 10 Years from now?
A: I want to be a pro skater.

Meet Jonah

Jonah wears 
Stay Rad Coach Jacket / Drifter Chinos
Upside Down Cap / Stay Rad LS Tee / Bowie Jeans.

To follow Jonah and his shredding adventures go to @jfppskate on instagram.


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